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To facilitate the process of choosing a photographer, we always recommend that you focus on photos which reflect end-to-end wedding days.

Usually, wedding portfolios represent only explicitly selected pictures from various weddings and the photo session thus leaving the feeling of a job well-done.

Thanks to our experience, we have concluded that the complete end-to-end photo shooting of a wedding day turns out to be the best criteria for a photographer’s job and its quality level.

In addition, you get an idea about the photography style e.g. reportage, traditional, artistic or a combination, as well as the style of post-processing.

You should better enjoy the wedding photographer as a personality and sense of humor and be able to freely communicate, and not just admire the wedding photographer’s photos and style, so that you feel sure when nominating the photographer for your wedding day.

Please have a look at our galleries of complete end-to-end wedding days: