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Getting feedback from our clients is the greatest acknowledgement for us and our job.

All those valuable moments when we receive a phone call or a message from the happy newlyweds, their parents crying tears of joy or their excited friends.

Undoubtedly, this is the highest appreciation which keeps on motivating us to be the best in what we do and put our heart and soul in photography.



Gloria & Chris Kesterton

„Once the Big Day and the big party on and after the wedding day have gone, once the euphoria subsides, it is those magic moments which stay captured in the most precious shots. The smiles the bride and the groom exchange, the warm sunlight touching our faces and our endless joy, all these and much more sealed in sweet memories by the lovely photographers. Vonlè Art, thank you!!!“

“Wow… I am speechless. Marvelous, as I am still in the restaurant upstairs trying to gather myself and someone told me that the photos were magical, and I was the last one who saw them. I only heard how lovely they were and I'm breathless; they are fantastic! Thank you so much for the best of the best photos and photographers!”


Manny Eduard & Dom El Ray

“Awesome, you have made unique photos!! Amazing ones! I am immediately forwarding the link to Dom as well. I thought I had to wait for him, but I could not help it…”


Iliyana & Hristo Ivanovi

„Our photos are unique. Really do not know how we will select only 55 for the wedding book.

Dears, we would like to thank you so much for the lovely wedding book. It looks perfect, divine and exceptional. Great thanks! Wishing you all the best and continue to be extremely good at what you do. You are awesome! “


Radina & Viktor Georgievi

„Wow...... you are exceptional; I cannot find words to describe how much we love the photos; I am eager to have a look at all of them.

Since the moment I received the photos, I have been reviewing them every day again and again simply because I find something new which I skipped and …. they are telling a full story!

Sure, we like them a lot; just need time to go through all of them. Anyhow, everybody who sees the photos is very much impressed how good they are!!

Everybody says – congratulations for the photographers, how did you find them?

Unbelievable they are, I am simply speechless… This is exactly what I wanted to have as memories; you have managed to capture everything, the global picture, as well as the tiny emotions.”


Georgi Georgiev

„Man .... I am speechless.... you brought me back there again.... I am thrilled .... great job.... no comment. “


Angie & Marin Donchevi

„Great professionals! “


Denitsa & Vladimir Zechevi

„Your photos are amazing! We keep on recommending you to our friends just because both we and the wedding guests are fascinated by the photos. “


Boriana Gyosheva

„Lovely photos. Excellent job! You are magicians! You did capture every single emotion. The couple did their best choice with you! “


Katrin Konova

„Prom time is a fairy-tale episode of life which comes and goes. However, it would not happen like this unless the fairy-tale was written by those people making me feel like a real star.

I would like to thank to THE BEST Vonlè Art Photography - Bozhidar Krastev & Detelina Krasteva who have memorized each moment and were next to me from the very beginning. I knew it well that you are my people, no doubt about it. You are exceptional photographers, aesthetes and artists! Thanks to your photos my fairy-tale came alive…THANK YOU! “


Viki Dimitrova

„Remarkable phots! Thank you, you are not only professionals, you are aesthetes and masters and touch the heart with every single photo. Congratulations! “


Stela Amor

„I would like thank to all of you who took care about our wedding day to become a memorable fairy-tale:

Thanks to Vonlè Аrt photography by Detelina Krasteva & Bozhidar Krastev for the pictures full of excitement and emotions. THANK YOU!!! “


Nevena Peneva

„Awesome feeling, unique eye, incredible pictures. “


Tsvetelina Georgieva

„I have gone through the pictures, they are fabulous!

I have seen a lot of photo sessions, beautiful, lovely, different, interesting, but Nadia’s photos are the best ones. Thank you once again for everything! “


Rumiana Minyova

„Great thanks for everything. Incredible photos.

My best wishes to both of you and thousands of happy customers. Hope to meet you soon again for a wedding :). “