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Surviving Wedding Season


Съвети от нас, както и от колеги от цял свят на тема 'Как да оцелеем по време на сватбения сезон'


“Thrilled by the forthcoming wedding season very often I ask myself “How to relax and enjoy the time of the next wedding season?”.

Being a wedding photographer, I would rather go for the unique moment and its timeless emotion than direct or prepare the scene and the couple to achieve fabulous images. Thanks to my experience to shoot at various locations and under different circumstances, I would like to summarize what I feel one could do to enjoy the wedding season and spend a really good time.

– Release your emotions, make jokes, laugh through tears, cry tears of joy and simply entertain yourself
– Express yourself, share your feelings, communicate, and completely forget that you are getting paid for the job you do
– Last but not least, I would better enjoy the bride and the groom as a personality and sense of humour and be able to freely communicate with both of them, and not just treat the engagement as another business opportunity, so that I feel sure when they nominate me to be the photographer of their wedding day.

Please be sure that when the day comes, I get excited and feel the embarrassment just like the wedding couple; quite often it turns out that a brief meeting for a cup of coffee before the wedding itself would help us both to get to know each other, shorten the distance and feel relaxed.

I do feel obliged to share these thoughts as it is my ambition to be recognized as the wedding photographers whose images provoke tears and smiles every time the couple, their parents, children and grandchildren open the wedding book.” – Bozhidar Krastev, Vonlè Art


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